Madugno A4 Maple

Our evaporator is a Leader Evaporator Vortex wood fired arch, with Max Revolution pans. We fire our evaporator every five minutes, and can evaporate around 90 gallons of water in an hour. We also run a CDL reverse osmosis machine, concentrating the sap before we begin the boiling process.


Meet our family-Aaron, Amanda, Autumn, and Ashley-the 4 A's that make up Madugno A4 Maple. 

We spend our time milking cows, working in the fields, teaching elementary school, being great students, and enjoying all that nature offers us.

Our sap house is located in Deposit, NY, on our family farm. Our maple adventure started in 2013, with metal buckets and spiles, making enough syrup for our small family. The next year, we bought our evaporator and REALLY began to make syrup! Each year, we've expanded, adding taps and covering more ground.  In 2016, we had 1,500 taps.